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      Automatic Washing-dewatering Machine
      Washing Machine Series
      Dewatering Machine Series
      Drying Machine Series
      Ironing Machine Series
      Hygiene Barrler Washer Extractor Machine
      Industrial Folding Machine Series
      Laundry Equipment
      Water Washing Machine Series
      Latex Dryer Series
      Latex Foam Washing Machine Series
      Sand Washing Machine Series
      Denim Sandblasting Machine Series
      Jean Snow Machine Series
      Stained Clothing, Socks Dyeing Machine Series
      Transport Type Carpet Cleaning Machine
      Grain Leather Rubbing Machine
      Japanese Washing Machine
      Contact Us
      Tel:+86-523-86552777  86552888
      About Us

        Taizhou Tongjian Washing Machinery Factory,founded in 1996,is located in Taizhou Senbei Industrial Park.After ten years of development,it has become the leading manufactuer in apparel industry of washing equipment in domestic.We have att-ained strict CE and ISO9001 Quality Management System Certification and own import and export license.

        We have total factory space of approximately 16,700 square meters with over 300 workers.We have complete processing devices including milling,shaping,boring,slotting,drilling,reaming and polishing,also possessing manufacturing procedures of flame cutting,hole piercing,cutting,pressing,bending and molding and large-scale spray painting equipment.All of these make Tongyang products rank the first class in regard of overall technology and manufacturing equipment.........

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